What luxe home buyers seek in a post-Covid world: Spacious and holistic properties

Lodha Park: Homing in on a connected lifestyle. The way the stock markets have performed in India and the world over in the past six months has shown that people have a discerning and acute sense of understanding opportunities for better investments and living. Latest trends in customer preferences when it comes to premium real estate also point to a sophisticated approach by home buyers, who want to get a lifestyle that can seamlessly encompass the work-from-home concept, while not giving up on the opulence and comforts of luxury living.

The checklist of features, facilities and amenities that home buyers are looking for in the project reveal the importance they place on community, neighborhood and hospitality services. During a recent webinar on real estate trends, a leading international property consultant head said, “Work-from-home culture has changed the paradigm for most home buyers. Owning a home is no more a matter of investment preference, but a necessity, given the elevation that a luxury residence has come to occupy in the broader sense of work-life choices.”

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