Realtors take luxury route to boost sales

Lodha Maison showcases luxury in the lap of nature.. From tying up with brands ranging from Ferrari and Porsche to flying down Swiss watchmakers to showcase the art of horology, real estate companies are increasingly looking to luxury brands to facilitate cross platform marketing, lift sentiments and boost sales in a tepid market.

Consultants said while cities like Delhi and Pune have responded more encouragingly to such partnerships in the past, real estate companies said the partnerships are in keeping with the modern luxury consumers in India who are increasingly looking for bespoke experiences.

Besides working with brands in curating such experiences including with Sotheby's in London for No.1 Grosvenor Square, the Lodha Group through a partnership with Swiss luxury watchmaker Bovet flew down Swiss watchmakers to showcase horology techniques last year, while earlier this year, with art gallery DAG, it flew down Catherine Grenier, director of Swiss sculptor Alberto Giacometti's Giacometti foundation for a tête-à-tête on Picasso and Souza for its potential customers.

"Brand collaborations are the future of luxury, as likeminded brands come together to create truly unique and well-rounded experiences. We collaborate with various partner brands to host experiences featuring art, craftsmanship, high fashion and culinary creations,” said Vinti Lodha, advisor, Lodha Luxury.

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