The night that brought together Picasso and FN Souza

Lodha Luxury, a collection of rare and exquisite residential properties around the world, came together with DAG, one of India’s most reputed modern art organisations, to host an exclusive art display

Lodha Maison showcases luxury in the lap of nature.. With collections from the most significant art connoisseurs of the 20th century, the exclusive display, held at Lodha's World Villas on February 5, 2019, reflected the individual and collective journeys of Indian modernists Picasso and FN Souza. Here's a peek at the masterpieces that were on spotlight during the evening.

La Plage, Juan-les-Pins' (The Beach at Juan-les-Pins) by Picasso In a small town a few miles away from Cannes, Picasso spent his time at the beach at Juan-les-Pins, where he created this momentous masterpiece. It depicts the Mediterranean seascape in the town of Mougins, the artist's home for 12 years. Judging from historical and political perspectives, ‘La Plage, Juan-les-Pins' is a significant part of his oeuvre that lives beyond Picasso's own time.

‘Man and Woman Laughing' by FN Souza Francis Newton Souza's main preoccupations in the world of modern art were to unveil the hypocrisy of the society he inhabited, and to expose the wayward farce of human relationships—all through his furious brushwork. His famous artwork, ‘Man and Woman Laughing', encapsulates his cynicism about society and the rebellious journey of his youth and hardships. In 2015, the painting became the fourth most expensive work of Indian art to be sold at an auction. “Both ‘La Plage' and ‘Man and Woman Laughing' encapsulate a jarring period witness by the artists, and perfectly manifests their emotions while engaging with their time,” says Catherine Grenier, a heritage curator and art historian from The Centre Pompidou (Pompidou Museum) in Paris, who graced the occasion as chief guest.

Lodha Luxury is known for creating bespoke luxury experiences for its clientele with its unique properties, and now it extends the effort by bringing the finest art from around the world within our country by collaborating with DAG, an organisation that charts an extensive collection of artworks with the aim to take Indian modernism to a wider audience. While talking about the masterpieces, Vinti Lodha, advisor, Lodha Luxury, said, “This takes our cause for the art world a notch higher, where we bring together the most significant artworks globally of two of the greatest masters under one roof.” Read More

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