Lodha Luxury launches their newest brand film

Lodha Maison showcases luxury in the lap of nature.. Lodha Luxury from the Lodha Group, has recently launched its first brand film unveiling a collection ofhomes across the world - from penthouses to grand townhouses in a sprawling nature setting in Mumbai’s most cosmopolitan hub. Each of these residences are designed to be a rare and unique experience - reserved for the connoisseurs of luxury.

The essence of Lodha Luxury lies in its 3 pillars: Landmark Addresses, Masterpieces by Maest ros of Art and Design, and Luxury that is experienced. The objective of the brand film is to visually bring out these pillars with a variety of grand shots showcasing the properties, detailed shots illustrating an appreciation of detail, and a series of li festyle shots meant to portray the lives of those who buy into Lodha Luxury. This film does not follow a tactical approach, it goes for a more emotionally evoking approach.

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