Experience Independent Living at Mumbai’s Exclusive Townhouses, Lodha Maison by Lodha Luxury

Experience Independent Living at Mumbai’s Exclusive Townhouses, Lodha Maison by Lodha Luxury Of the many things changed owing to the pandemic, people’s perception of buying homes too has seen a shift. Instead, living in private bungalows has taken centre stage, with most looking for a dash of privacy and seclusion in their new residences. Offering a fix for this renewed penchant for independent living draped in privacy, luxury and security is Lodha Maison in Mumbai. Here’s how these townhouses offer a secluded yet lavish lifestyle in the megacity, that too in the swanky spaces of Worli.

It’s rare to find a slice of privacy in a bustling megacity such as Mumbai, more so in the seaside promenade, Worli. Nestled in a part of Mumbai that seems to be nudging for space, the expansive Lodha, Maison busts this belief with ease. In a time when an increased demand for bigger homes and independent living have taken prominence again—thanks to the pandemic—these 12 exclusive townhouses from Lodha Luxury come charging in like a saviour.

Spacious and safe living underscores each inch of this limited edition luxurious abode. The neighborhood has 12 row houses nestled amidst lush green environs, allowing every resident to make the space his/her own. Every corner of this rare proposition comes painted in natural light paired with fresh air sweeping through the open terraces. When here, the feeling of being one with the community prevails, all without compromising on individualistic privacies. Beyond the windows of the homes, a lush green view awaits, courtesy seven acre podium gardens surrounding each of the private townhouses.

Designed and detailed by Singapore-based, WOHA, Spanish architect Patricia Urquiola, and other design virtuosos, Lodha Maison is crafted for ultimate privacy. Think an exclusive route to take the residents’ cars straight from the main gate to a private garage; and extraordinary lifestyle amenities at an exclusive clubhouse.

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