Winter Wonderlands: Top 5 Christmas holiday destinations across the globe

Celebrations bring a magical whiff of infectious vitality and fervour. It is a promise of new beginnings blissful hope, and soulful quietude. Winter is no less than a celebration. After all, it marks the onset of experiences that are unique to this season - pristine white flakes of snow painting a serene picture, the unbridled joy of carols floating in the air, gifts exchanged from the heart, and homemade cookies and savouries baked to perfection. There is definitely something in the air when Christmas is right around the corner!

The celebrations are eagerly awaited by the countries where it is celebrated with great enthusiasm and vitality. Not just them, it is peak season for world travellers too, who want to feel the contagious happiness of the festivities, its mellifluous carols, and the irresistible whiff of traditional sweet and savoury delights.

If you have been hit by the travel bug, here is a list of 5 winter wonderlands where you can usher in a luxuriant festive season

1. Manhattan, New York
Manhattan should definitely feature among your list of must-visit winter haven holidays. Bask in the flavour of the season while taking a walk down Fifth Avenue and indulge in a cathartic shopping experience of haute couture. Make a headway to the Rockefeller Center to witness the grande Christmas tree that is accredited with the unique distinction of being the world's largest. Lip-sync to the Christmas carols while enjoying the festive decorations.

Sparkling winter evening at Madison Square Park, Manhattan

2. Dublin, Ireland
Usher in the magic of the winters with a visit to the Irish city of Dublin and soak in the festive spirit. Right from the Christmas festoons and dazzling lights to the ice skating rinks, get ready to embrace the experience of a lifetime. Last, but not the least, being in Dublin during this season and not listening to the melodious carols at St. Patrick's Cathedral is no less than a missed opportunity.

Christmas spirit at its peak at Dublin

3. Nuremberg, Germany
Nuremberg is another must-visit winter wonderland that spreads the Christmas cheer through its age-old cultural traditions, as does some other German cities like Frankfurt, Munich, and Cologne. Be prepared to be mesmerised by the grandeur of the German Christkindlesmarkt or Christmas market, which witnesses a whopping 180 shops. These snow-clad stalls are strewn one after the other, resembling a giant string of lighted Christmas festoon. The shops come alive with an exciting range of trinkets on offer - fir trees with festive trimmings, handcrafted artefacts, toys, gingerbread treats, and cinnamon-scented glühwein.

Festive flair across the traditional market in Frankfurt

4. Rome, Italy
Rome wasn't built in a day! Similarly, it's heritage too dates back to ancient times, and the city has preserved it with great care. Make sure that you attend the Midnight Mass on the eve of Christmas and explore the Christmas season unfurl with full glory and splendour in the traditional style.

Beautiful Christmas eve at the Saint Peter Basilica, Rome

5. Copenhagen, Scandinavia
The Scandinavian capital defines the archetypal European city with its quaint cobbled streets, wrapped up in the nostalgia of its rich cultural history and old-world charm. A city where horse carts still play on the narrow winding streets, it welcomes the festivities with a warm embrace and the classic old-fashioned way. Copenhagen decks up in all its festive glory with Christmas trees and the exciting play of colours of lights and decorations.

Glittering Christmas decorations at Tivoli Gardens, Copenhagen