Exclusive Experiences beyond borders: Top Destinations in 2020

2020- The start of a new year and a new decade. While some brought in the New Year with a big bash in the city, others chose a tranquil destination to bid adieu to the last decade with their loved ones.

A new year and a new decade calls for an updated bucket list of new destinations for your next vacation. Whether you are looking for an intimate, relaxing getaway or travels full of adventure, this list of destinations from around the world, has you covered.

Gaze in awe at nature's most spectacular light show
Mother Nature is quite the artist, and the most fascinating of all her talents is when she paints the Northern Lights, or Aurora Borealis, in the winter night sky. Hold your breath as a

Sail in tranquility through the Komodo Islands
Built of rusty-red volcanic hills, grassy savannahs and vast forests, Komodo Island is a place that makes its way to every beach lovers’ bucket list. The magnificent hues of the sand, caught in the sun’s glare at Pink Beach. But here’s how you can make you Komodo experience ultra-luxe - by cruising around the remote Komodo Islands on a lavish, private yacht. Spend a lavish holiday in the middle of pristine blue water, take diving lessons in remote coral atolls without a soul in sight, and swim with majestic white sharks.

Air safari of the Great Migration
The Great Migration is undoubtedly one of the natural world’s most awe-inspiring spectacles where around 1.5 million wildebeest and 200,000 zebras make a 1,200-mile odyssey across Africa in search of rainfall and grass to graze on. A marvel to witness. Experience the trip of a lifetime on a hot air balloon safari of the Great Migration - a truly unique perspective.

Scuba dive in the Great Barrier Reef
The Great Barrier Reef is the world’s largest coral reef, and the only living thing on Earth visible from outer space. The 1,430-mile ecosystem comprises thousands of reefs, hundreds of islands and 600 types of coral, plus a fantastic array of fish, dolphins, turtles, starfish and sharks. Immerse yourself in a world-class underwater experiences and leave with breathtaking diving memories.

Fly over the Great Wall of China
A breath-taking view as you take a helicopter ride and fly over the majestic Great Wall, watching the sun set in the distant horizon. Hailed as one of the greatest man-made wonders of the world, the Wall is an imposing architectural marvel.