When Luxury Becomes an Experience

The luxury consumer has evolved over the last decade, and in turn, so has their behaviour and preferences. Long gone are the times where simply having a luxury product and brand would satisfy, attract and retain consumers of the intended calibre – now they crave personalised and rare experiences that money can’t buy; experiences that make them feel like an elite member of society, that lift them up to a privileged status.

According to a detailed consumer insight study carried out by The Walpole and WGSN, secret and exclusive brand experiences are among the top 3 effective trends to lure luxury consumers with over 60% of surveyed luxury brands mentioning they will turn their focus to this.

Luxury retailers believe that this tactic results in:

  • Offering a one-of-a-kind experience to counter accessibility of social media
  • Aligning most naturally to the value of offerings and bespoke nature of services
  • Helping consumers feel significant and different

The concept of the ‘members only’ or ‘limited invitations’ approach serves to create that atmosphere of ultimate exclusivity and rarity. Unparalleled experiences are meant to give luxury consumers something they would never experience otherwise, and this gives them something to talk about within their selective social circles.

The foundation of Lodha Luxury is built upon three significant pillars which capture the essence of a modern luxury brand. The third, and possibly the most significant of the three pillars, is ‘Luxury that is experienced’ – the pillar that truly elevates Lodha Luxury to a true-blue luxury brand.

As a part of this pillar, Lodha Luxury has capitalized on collaborating with like-minded luxury brands and curating a range these rare and exclusive experiences for a select number of privileged guests. One such event involved a collaboration with the luxury watch brand Bovet, where their watchmakers were flown down from Switzerland to conduct an exclusive haute horlogerie workshop for only the privileged few that were invited.

Furthermore, to pay tribute to the world of art, Lodha Luxury, in collaboration with DAG, set up a private display of two legendary pieces of art created by Picasso and F.N. Souza. The event was hosted at The World Villas, a Lodha Luxury bare shell property on the 65th floor which was transformed into a rustic themed, Manhattan loft style setting and featured an intricately curated 5 course meal along with a captivating speech from the chief guest, Catherine Grenier, president of the Giacometti Foundation in Paris. The event was indeed invite-only and featured only the top tier of Mumbai society.

Further to these experiences, Lodha Luxury has collaborated with several other brands including Louis Vuitton, Etihad and Ashiesh Shah to provide a range of exclusive events for the crème de la crème of Mumbai.