This Extravagant home in the sky has an enviable view of Mumbai

Walking into this home is like a dream turned into reality. It sweeps you in with its ample spaces, enthrals you with the panoramic views, intrigues you with its design nuances, and holds you in a warm embrace. Dotted with elements that exude luxury, it also has vignettes of warmth and comfort that make it feel like home. Designer, Shimona Bhansali, chief designer and founder of Design Hex was tasked with designing this show apartment at The World Towers and she brought in her eclectic style that perfectly matched the pride of The World Towers community. From architectural vibes to earthy colours, from concrete finishes to metal brass pieces, the material palette is sophisticated, and has been chosen with utmost care to ensure that the home never goes out of style.

“Amidst the clouds, this expansive home tells a story of grandeur and luxury conveyed in our language. Architecture being the prime theme has been beautifully replicated across walls, rugs, sofas, concrete finishes, and enhanced terracotta patterns highlights the artistic aspect of the space”, quotes Shimona.

The Living room

The living room rejoices in light, curated to enhance the curvilinear structure of the tower. A 10 people seating curved fragmented step-sofas put in diverse styles made up from scratch allowing to experience beautiful vistas of the Arabian sea. The centre table has been shaped with same curve pattern, using solid block of concrete and casted with inlaid small metal shimmering brass pieces to add to the sweeping spaciousness of the space. Perfecting the details, the rug is custom made using the same pattern allowing more textures and younger colours. The home bears a carefully-curated look giving architectural vibes, antiques and art all coming together in a delicate symphony.

The Master Suite

Carefully crafted brick patterned panel welcomes one to the master bedroom, thoughtfully added sculpture pieces further softens the ruggedness of the concrete and the stern brick pattern balances the beautiful space.

Ample space in the master bed-room allows for a separate seating area and an added swing which echoes the step pattern of the sofas, the grand headboard is inspired from the ancient step wells of India, an artistic work of textures, fabrics and intricate detailing along with terracotta colour palette with in-house designed stark rugs to justify the loud and huge headboard.

Adjacent is the powder bathroom, using the river washed terrazzo material creating an interesting contrast finish with a half circled mirror complemented with copper finish gessi basin.

The Peach Haven

Adjacent to the master bedroom is the children's room, a pink haven filled with peach colour palette and warm as the rest of the house. But colour does creep in -- through metal elements and furnishings, detailing of the headboard, art and furniture. Open niches in playful shades of pink, vibrant futons and cushions, an intricate dressing come study table creating a functional space for the room, all lend character to the room.

Eclectic and contemporary in design, the flat is emboldened with luxurious finishes and glamorous elements of decor. There's an inherent richness in every material, every detail and ever colour, which when put together, create a space that makes a fresh and vibrant statement.