Fibre to Fabric. Hand Crafted to Home Decor.

Artisanal and finely hand crafted pieces are not a thing of the past. An eclectic or modern house of today still sees some of the best techniques done by local makers, produced specifically for one. Be it the fabric used for the couch, of the key centre piece that turns into a conversation starter during any gathering. Designer homes see a touch of a vivid and iconic choice of handcrafted techniques that showcase an amalgamation of different elements.

Every product that goes into the home and is hand crafted, goes through a strenuous process which requires expertise and hard labour. Let’s take a humble yet captivating throw we use on the couch or on the bed, as an example. More often than not, we fail to observe the precise craftsmanship and technique used in creating the work of wonder. From the buds that bloom to cotton, to the stem & ribbon of the jute plant, every exquisite fabric originates from a piece of fibre, right from the artisanal room of the maker. The fibres are first extracted from its source. Staple fibres that are extracted or a group of filament are twisted together to give us the yarn. The yarns then are tightly twisted and are allowed to rotate on various kinds of rollers. They are then weaved & knitted to produce the fabric.

Curating a masterpiece villa in the sky that truly stands as an ode to the local artisans, is the latest curated by Abu Jani & Sandeep Khosla in collaboration with Lodha Luxury. It is home to some of the rarest finds & artefacts that bring the grandeur of handcrafted pieces & the precision of traditional Indian Karigaris to life. Inside Delos, is a vision of a collection that manifests ancient history of the kings and embellishes the villa to create a rare living experience for the modern day royals.

While the curtains and the sheers see its own edge of a combination, every fabric used inside the home is a 100% natural. From the hand knotted silk carpets that have a deep rooted Indian origin to the brass chairs designed and curated by an Indian artisan, the whole villa is a magnificent museum of the intricate work of local artisans. The centre of attraction of the central part of the home, is the 100% jute mandala panel that has been sketched with great detail in mind, hand embroidered & embellished with mirror work. The beauty of it is not just in the way it becomes a home décor piece on the wall, but is also in every fibre that goes into making the fabric.

The unique pictures on the wall, the fabric that brightens up every nook and corner, the lights that show the grandiose, all tell a story of this abode with elements hand done & designed for the Gods. Every effort, conversation and thought brought to life the exquisite & eclectic designs of the Indian Karigaris in an environment that showcases the pinnacle of handcrafted luxury and trademarked exclusivity.