A home, is much more than your own space. It’s an experience!

With changing times, the definition of your home has evolved from just being your own space to a place that offers much more than comfort and convenience. A home is now expected to offer a plethora of experiences that go beyond basic amenities and necessities. An experience coupled with art, beautifully designed apartments and a touch of luxury, is a privilege that only a few chosen ones enjoy.

Elegance combined with a personal style is what brings out the exquisite feature of a product. One such renowned artist who leaves her own personal touch in every product or experience she offers is Patricia Urquiola, the master of style. Patricia Urquiola focuses on modern style with feminine accents and unexpected elements. The Spanish designer and architect designs products that are both playful and elegant. She is famous for her unmistakable mix of various styles. Whether she's designing furniture, tiling, or bathroom faucets - she combines the minimalistic with the playful, reduced forms with floral elements in a unique fashion. Around the globe, Patricia's work awakens curiosity and emotion. Design objects from her hand are exhibited in art galleries and museums around the world, such as the Museum of Modern Art in New York.

With footprints across the globe, one of Patricia Urquiola’s exquisite work is showcased in South Mumbai’s true urban oasis - Lodha Park. The grand development with a 7-acre private park in the heart of the city is home to one of the largest clubhouses in the city called The Jewel, inspired by a magnificent crystal with its diamond like facets, in a three-level structure spread over 50,000 sq.ft. Offering a host of amenities and experiences, the interiors of this grand clubhouse is designed by Particia Urquiola showcasing a glittering example of luxury meeting a grand architecture and vision. She has, in her own way translated the importance of connecting to the city in a new way through the lights, colors, material and textures by designing each space exclusively and giving a unique character to the clubhouse.