Rejuvenate your Bespoke Jewellery Collection

Jewellery has the unique distinction of being both an heirloom and a tangible investment for Indian households. As it enters the family collection on many a happy occasion, and it grows larger, it becomes a prudent exercise to review one’s collection and ensure that it still possesses its lustre and form. For example, buffing out scratches in metal, re-sizing bracelets or necklaces, or checking the tightness and integrity of the string in case of pearls.

This also presents the opportunity to review how it can be stored to increase its longevity, and we have put together some helpful tips to make this easier for you-

  • For safety, catalogue your collection by making a list with clear images for quick reference, keep your insurance up to date and invest in a home safe.
  • To prevent degradation, store your jewellery in compact boxes or handy trunks that do not contain any glue, lined with soft cotton fillers that are replaced when they start to fray.
  • Keep pearls in cotton lined boxes, separately.
  • When it is being worn, keep your jewellery away from perfume, creams, lotions, sanitizers, indoor fresheners and polishes.

If a particular piece has not been worn for a long time, it can remain with you for sentimental reasons and yet be made relevant with some outfits you have just acquired. For instance, beautiful old jewellery can be transformed into a new set of kurta and sherwani buttons. Some prominent or rare stones can be repurposed as centrepieces for a new set.

A pair of Vintage Gold Bangles with Rubies and Pearls restored

A pair of gold earrings can be enhanced by adding some diamonds and finished with pearls to make a pair of long shower earrings. A simple gold temple pendant can also be paired with coloured gems and hung from a pearl and gold necklace to complete the transformation. An existing jadau necklace can be given a new lease of life by adding a row of pearls. A bracelet can be created to complement existing earrings by taking design accents from them. An heirloom string of natural pearls can be livened up by creating a diamond and coloured gem pendant to be enjoyed by future generations - the possibilities are endless!

A pair of heirloom handpainted Lord Krishna pendants, redesigned as 18k gold earrings with Peach Rosecut Sapphires

Author: Brijesh B. Vissanji is the owner and principal at Bespoke by Chronos. He combines his passion for travel and the precision of high watchmaking into a boutique jewellery house that delivers innovation, high quality materials, in-house design and excellent service. Click here to get in touch.