Malabar Hill: An amalgamation of heritage with the modern

A walk through Malabar Hill takes you to one of India’s culturally rich and most expensive neighborhoods. Malabar Hill is steeped in Indian culture and mythology. The Banganga tank near Raj Bhavan is an ancient pilgrim site and part of the Walkeshwar temple complex. A UNESCO heritage site, it is the oldest continually inhabited place in Mumbai. An oasis of serenity.

The area is also interspersed with beautiful Jain temples. A site for numerous heritage walks, Malabar Hill has become a cultural center. Further up the hill, is the famous Kamala Nehru Park and Hanging Gardens- the highest point on the hill with beautiful views of Marine Drive. Wide, tree-lined streets, echoing with nature, it is quietly tranquil, plugged away from the hustle and bustle of Mumbai.

The aura around Malabar Hill is unique - an amalgamation of old well preserved structures, with modern elegant residential towers.

Lodha Seamont in this historic neighborhood, is a rare blend of the best Malabar Hill has to offer. Located right next to Raj Bhavan, official residence of the governor, it enjoys spectacular views of the Arabian Sea and the Queen’s Necklace. Surrounded by beautiful heritage precincts, it is designed by maestros from around the world. London based, Hirsch Bedner Associates (HBA) & Bangkok based P Landscape, to name a few. In a city that is starved for space, Lodha Seamont has dedicated more than 60% of the total plot to open spaces. With magnificent views from every room, the spaces are designed to make the most of the surrounding beauty.

The result is a picture of perfect harmony.