10 Collectibles to up your Home’s Style Quotient

Coffee should be fun, right? The Tavolini coffee tables in unusual shapes and dimensions can be bought in charming patterns and attractive pairing of diverse sizes. Dynamic geometric patterns and pretty floral prints adorn the tabletops that are designed in various forms and are then paired with complementing tables of smaller or taller dimensions and of contrasting shades, adding a playful vibe to the living space. Here, log-shaped tops in wood come alive with solid teal blue, printed teal blue and other singular contrasting shades. Note the metal legs with matching metal heels!

Antler, Sans Souci
Inspired by the reindeer’s horns, Antler, Czech lighting giant Sans Souci’s new pendant light, is a conglomeration of horns of various sizes that come together to form a splendid light. An Antler in your space will make you feel like you are walking in a lush forest and taking in the sights and emotions. Designer Pavel Vytisk translates a visceral animal instinct into a glamorous lighting artwork by rendering the horns in contrasting clear crystal, black and golden variations. The light features hand-blown crystal horns and stainless steel polish, and is available in three design options.

Black Tie Bliss, Riedel
Riedel, which is credited with revolutionizing glassware for the enjoyment of wine, is arguably the finest wine accessory brand, especially known for its decanters. Black Tie Bliss, a fine crystal decanter with a black accent, is one of its most romantic pieces, distinguished by an elegant and complex design, adorned with a sophisticated ribbon black crystal. Each piece is unique and embodies the natural grace of a swan.

The Stacking Vessels, Utopia and Utility, Sources Unlimited
This European brand combines the functional and the fantastical to hand-create objects that are unique; for instance, their signature products, the Stacking Vessels. Founded in 2012 by Pia Wüstenberg, the glass of The Stacking Vessels is made in Bohemia, in the Czech Republic, which has a strong tradition of mould-blown glass. For their limited edition collection they also work with two glass-blowers in the UK. Their new edition is a play on natural elements with man-made shapes: the branch bowl has a lid from a tree trunk with a branch stub and a bulbous glass body, which transforms it into an organic fruit shape.

Bespoke Cutlery, Robbe&Berking
Known by connoisseurs throughout the world as the hallmark for uncompromising and unsurpassed quality, Robbe&Berking silverware is a cut above the rest. The clients for their exquisite bespoke silver cutlery include the Russian president and the royal family of Malaysia. Their bar collection makes every drink or cocktail a small piece of art — both for casual and for fine dining. The collection is handmade from top-quality materials. High thermal conductivity of silver allows every drinking vessel to immediately assume the temperature of the beverage.

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